Monday, September 23, 2013

Nike hunt

Nothing new here, just being a major trend slut and obsessing over Nike Air Max for a while now.
I've been endlessly contemplating which pair to get, looking in stores both real and virtual. 
It was still warm when I started looking, some brighter pairs have caught my eye, but while we're slowly going into Winter, I decided I'd be better off with a darker pair. Because, who am I kidding, I'll be needing that brighter one next Spring (a shoe deal would be nice too). I need that cool comfort in my life, because my feet have a troubled sole (pun intended).

For now I'm fixed on getting this pair. I saw it in a window display on a Sunday, breaking in has crossed my mind for a slight second. I also saw them in my home town (getting hip, I guess) today, but all sizes except for 42 were sold out, damn you hipsters!
I love the purple details, but an overall dark feel of the shoe. Witches need comfy shoes too!

Some street style inspo

I love how this girl integrates her same Air Max into different outfits!

(images via Pinterest)

My sexy Annebeth rocking this minimal look like no other. I love how her style evolved over the time I've been following her.
These are actually the ones I wanted to get first, but as you can see, pretty light and perfect for warmer weather.

I'm not only loving the Nike Air Max, but also pretty much into Dunk Sky Hi and Dunk High and also some Adidas high top sneakers, but unfortunately I still haven't found thoese much needed millions.
And I'm actually planning to use them in some kind of work out activity in near future, imagine that!

So, are you also into the sneaker trend?

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Season of the Witch

There's no escaping it, Fall is here and Winter is quietly creeping upon us. It's already dark when I have to leave early for work and soon it'll be dark when I come home from work too. The rain, the wind, the dry skin, the cold hands and feet, the eternal feeling of fatigue and my bangs that won't stay in place, THIS IS FALL & WINTER! But not all is drama, it's also snuggling under blankets, boyfriend warming my feet, hot coco or milk before bed time, the Fall fashion with endless layering for me and the new TV season!!!

As I told before, I'm a huge series addict, series take away a major part of my life and are one of my fave ways to waste time. But it's not really a waste to me, because some series are really a work of art these days! I also watch some teenage stuff, like 90210, because it's fun. 

I'm MAJORLY excited for the return of American Horror Story on October 9. It's like one of the best series on television and I'm so, so addicted. Everything about it is PERFECTION! The cast, the plot, the sets, EVERYTHING! Season 2 was one of the best things in television history! I can't even understand how, when al of the latest major horror films suck major ass, a horror series can be that brilliant!
I also love how every season is another story, but with a big part of a returning (BRILLIANT) cast.

Three words about season 3: Witches, Salem, New Orleans! I'm saying it again, flipping EXCITED!
I love witches, The Craft has always been one of my favorite movies and I was drawn to wicca and dreamed of magic powers and shizz. I even laid cards, with surprising accuracy. 
Even my style has been 'witchy', especially during the Winter months. I'm totally channelling my inner witch this Winter too!

Actually, I already started, as the weather has been chilly. 

Wearing: Cora Kemperman coat, Mexx top, H&M belt and jeans, c/o Sacha boots, Zara bag, Mango earrings, Storm ring.

As you probably have noticed, I'm still on that ombre road. After cutting my hair, I had another appointment with Stéphanie at Bed Head to take it up a notch and go lighter. The first one was actually just a preparation.
I'm seriously digging the result, my hair looks almost on fire and provides a nice contrast to my dark Winter wardrobe. I have another ombre step in mind for the future, but for now I will be enjoying this.
The pictures were taken after the appointment, so my hair looks pretty perfect. Thanks to Annebeth for the pictures, she always makes me look mah best!

So, have you watched the first two seasons of AHS? You totally should've!
You can also watch the seasons in random order.

Here's a preview of what's coming for season 3. GOOSEBUMPS

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mirrored aviators and another bomber jack

So, the bomber together with a simple strap top are the two favorite pieces of the past season for me.
Also I have been wearing quite a lot of white, yes, white! Really simple and elegant (so phresh and so clean), only I wish I could go through life without staining every white item I own. I mostly stick to white at the top, an overall white look is still a bit out of reach for me. Need to try it next Summer, though. 
Overall I've been looking for great basics to invest in, I guess I really am growing up.

This is another of my sale purchases, I did score quite some stuff it seems. Another bomber jacket in white with an oriental phoenix print. Bombers + phoenixes = EPIC WIN.
Combined with my new blue mirrored aviator sunnies from Ray-Ban, a total match made in heaven.
Once again Smartbuy Glasses didn't disappoint! I can't get over how large their offer is.
The only thing you have to do is know what model you like best and sometimes it's hard to choose. They also have a lot of optical glasses at different price ranges, something for everybody.
I'm curious, did any of you bought a more expensive pair of glasses or sunnies online? I'm so used to it, but I can imagine it's a big step for a lot of people, no?

I must warn you, this outfit is totally not accurate anymore. Sunday was sunny and quite warm, but since Monday night we've been hit by, what seems, never ending rain and cold temperatures. Still hoping for Indian Summer here, I need to be able to wear my new sunnies!

Wearing: Zara bomber jacket and shoes, JBC top, H&M jeans, Ebay bracelets, c/o Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bomber Jack

Just a quick post to show you one of my best sale purchases. I've been eyeing this lovely embroidered bomber jacket for quite a while, but was waiting for the price to drop. I waited till it was 50 euros and bought it. You don't want it to sell out because of your greediness, right?! 
Quite happy with it, it's perfect for the transitional weather between Summer and Fall.

Btw, I was totally wrong, Summer weather is still here. We're still baking and sweating. Don't even remember when we got so lucky with the weather before this Summer. Lurves it, except for the hot public transportation and the smelly people on it. Deodorant and showers are a must! I seriously considered a gas mask every day! 

Tracing off here... Tadaaa, the jacket.

Wearing: Zara bomber jacket, blouse and heels, H&M jeans and rings, Fashionology bracelet.

So in love with these rings at the moment. Got them in silver too. Never ending combining possibilities there!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Do it like a gent.

Men's attire found a way into the women's wardrobe and is now an un-missable part. Can someone imagine not wearing pants? Don't think so... Thanks to the legendary Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent the masculine attire is one of the biggest fashion trends of all time. I must admit I love these dress references myself. My wardrobe is full of classic pants, jackets and bow ties. But not only the classic wardrobe is full of male references, the casual day to day clothing has some too. Boyfriend jeans, sweaters, shirts and sneakers are a must these days. And I'm guilty of it all. And do you know that feeling of actually wearing a piece from your boyfriend with the smell of his cologne still lingering. I LOVE IT!
What we do need is more female references in a male closet, to make it equal, don't you think? Breaking those boundaries. Did you know that men in heels were very normal through some periods in history? And what lady can beat Marc Jacobs in a skirt?! The skinny jeans trend must be one of these things. Started by the boys from the Ramones in the 70's and now a widely accepted male/female item.

I'm very into the jogging pants trend these days, I love how you can totally dress it down and wear them at home or dress up with heels and be ready for a night out. Comfort meets beauty ( I can totally understand that people won't agree on the beauty part, though). 
I was looking for a perfect daily jogging myself, but nothing was quite right, until I accidentally stumbled on a black pair at the C&A. The pants have that typical jogging cut, but are made from a more classic fabric, which makes it a WINNER! I've been wearing them for days now. For this outfit I decided to dress them up a bit and go for that typical Italian men style, with loafers and a bold jacket. Classy, but still comfy.

Wearing: Zara blazer, Moschino Cheap & Chic top, C&A pants, TOD'S loafers, H&M rings.

Recently I started to collaborate with Zalando, together with different Belgian bloggers we try to expand and improve our scene. Here's a little insight into the biggest trends in female fashion for the Fall season. Men's fashion is one of them.