Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vika Gazinskaya for & Other Stories

A designer or celeb collection for a high street brand has become a true hype and tradition over the years. I must admit I haven't been queuing up in line at recent H&M designer collabs due to several reasons. I always had to study/work or had no money to do so. Don't know what this year will bring, but I'm seriously siked about the Wang collab.

A more recent collaboration I was both surprised and thrilled by is a micro collection by the Russian Designer and fashionista pur-sang, Vika Gazinskaya for the Swedish & Other Stories. The collection, suitably called Co-lab, consists of various garments, including shoes with characteristic Gazinskaya print (including the color pencil doodle print). The price range is very attractive, the coat is the most expensive item selling at the price of 175 euros, the dresses are between 125 and 95. Shirts, shoes and all other items cost less than 100, sounds like a good bargain, especially when you know what her demi-couture pieces cost.

I'm absolutely in love with the blue printed shirt dress and the red, very retro-like, vamp dress. Both dresses would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe. I hope I'll be able to get my hands at least on one of them. The blue shirt dress is more practical and I really would wear it a lot, but the red one is a real showstopper. 

The collection will exclusively launch at Colette Paris and from 5th of May and & Other Stories, both online and in store, from the 15th of May.
Oh, did I tell that I'm hella excited that & Other Stories is opening in Belgium very soon? Well, I AM!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Coachella 2014 recap

As it already has become sort of a tradition and I just love seeing celebs in a more relaxed setting, so I couldn't skip the Coachella recap this year. So I bundled up most of my favorite images this year and I'm jealous, as always. I want festival Summer to start, I want warm weather and good music and a good party, 'cause lately I've been feeling like I'm at least in my 40's. This work-home routine needs to be broken ASAP!

Ah, gotta love the Carters and Solange!

Honestly, I don't watch the Kardashians reality show, but Kylie and Kendall Jenner have been popping up everywhere and I like their look. Don't know anything about their characters, though :D

Jared Leto FOREVER

Glad Lilo is still around

Tropico queen 

Ending with the so called 'Queen of Coachella'-Vanessa Hudgens. It's nice to see her back every year.
Love both these looks and especially with such long locks!

Will you be going to any festivals this year? I'll be going to Graspop, which I skipped last year ,hopefully for three days and so looking forward to it. Maybe some other festival for one day as well, as long it's not raining, worst case scenario there.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mixing classic with sport

An evening Geox bloggers event was the perfect occasion to pull out my cream Pimkie biker jacket out of the closet. I haven't been wearing it a lot, because of my purple ombre bleeding on everything light. Quite organically this rather classic black and white outfit formed itself, to balance it out (and because I'm lazy) I added the best footwear out there, Nike Airmax sneakers. Quite happy how sneakers are even okay with ball gowns nowadays, comfort above all!
Speaking of comfort, attending the Geox event was a real eye opener. Footwear can be comfortable and pretty, but more about that laters, when I have some event pictures.

Wearing: Pimkie biker jacket, C&A cashmere sweater, Zara shirt, c/o Nike Airmax sneakers, River Island earrings, Karl Lagerfeld bag.

I hope you had a nice Easter weekend, I finally had some days off to relax, read and eat a lot, bliss!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Checked coat and navy

Lately, every time I start a post, I seem to apologies for my absence. This time is no different, my career life has been taking a new and very exciting spin, so I was busy with that. I won't lie as I say that I've been mostly stressed and tired lately, but I know all is for a good cause. 
I haven't been much outside besides of work too, going out of the door in the morning and returning in the evening. I'm happy to have my new Zalando coat, I recently ordered, to wrap myself into. Seeing fellow Belgian bloggers posts, I mostly feel like living in another country, as I have been freezing lately and I just see people wearing bare legs and dresses. I guess I'm still used to very hot temperatures representing Summer clothes.

I've been wearing that coat for several days and so in love with it, it's super soft and the model reminds me of a bathrobe (which is a good thing). The price was just 44,95 euros, peanuts for a coat, if you ask me and since I'm a coat addict, it comes in handy for my collection.

Gotta run now, as I'm going to a bloggers event, which I haven't been to in AGES. I don't lie when I say I'm hellah busy.

Wearing: c/o Zalando Collection coat, Zara shirt, sweater and boots, River Island skirt, c/o Swatch watch, Balenciaga bag.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Faux fur

You probably think I'm crazy for still wearing my faux fur in the middle of Spring, but I still had this outfit from two weeks ago, waiting to be posted. It was pretty cold that day, so I'm happy wore it. Today was a hot day, weather wise, but there's a storm coming our way right now. Never a dull moment when it comes to weather here. I do hope it will be the last time I wore faux fur in the coming months.

These pictures were actually taken by a wonderful photographer, Claudia Raymat, with whom I worked several times for shoots. You should check out her work, as she has a great talent!

As you can see on the pictures, my pink/purple rainbow ombre almost washed out, I still haven't decided on what to do next with my hair. I don't think I'll be putting any color in it, as the purple bled onto everything the first weeks and that was annoying. Probably going to set my regular ombre higher and let my hair grow.

Wearing: H&M coat & jeans, Zara bag & necklace, Primark shirt, c/o Nike Airmax sneakers

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mint blouse & scuba skirt

Warmer weather automatically makes me dress more feminine and drop all of the layers of a grungy Eskimo.
I won't lie, I haven't really had the chance to enjoy the good weather to the fullest. Being busy working or lazy on my days off. But certainly is nice not to freeze every time that I don't wear three layers of clothing and even take out a skirt for a spin during the weekend.

What I'm really longing for is a trip to some warmer destination, like Greece (which I adore), but I don't think it's written in the stars for this year. I hope for a descent Summer in Belgium, so I can at least enjoy a few days at the local coast.

So, a more feminine outfit, with a slight retro touch, to celebrate warmer temperatures, but I'm nowhere giving up on my sneakers. Just see what I wore today on my Instagram...

Are you already working your Summer wardrobe?

Wearing: Zara shirt, H&M Trend skirt, H&M loafers and rings, Michael Kors watch.

I've been eyeing this shirt for a long time and finally swayed for it, just couldn't resist that delicious minty color. Btw, I'm currently doing a '30 day squat challenge' and I'm currently at 110 squats a day. Kind of proud of myself, getting these legs in shape for Summer.

Also, these fake pony skin (that leather name makes me cry a little) loafers from H&M are only 19,95 euros, are super-soft and approved by my very difficult feet.
That's all, I'm out.